Chris Donnelly, RMT, graduated from the 3,000 hour, 3-year Massage Therapy program at Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy in Vernon, BC in 2010 with a diploma in Massage Therapy. Upon graduating and passing his provincial board examinations under the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia, Chris operated a mobile massage therapy practice, and eventually joined the team at Okanagan Health and Performance in Kelowna. He opened and operated West Kelowna Massage Therapy from July 2014 to 2018. He sold his practice in BC and he and his family moved to Bedford in October 2018 and he is now a proud member of MTANS. Chris is also currently working to complete his Bachelor of Health Sciences degree.

Chris is very treatment-oriented and his practice mainly focuses on Integrated Fascial Techniques(IFT). These include Myofascial, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Visceral and so much more. Chris has studied and completed two 3 year IFT series under his mentor and friend Natale Rao since 2010. Chris can help you with acute or chronic injuries, digestive issues, musculoskeletal dysfunction and even post-concussion syndrome. His technique combines deep fascial releases with techniques very similar to osteopathy. Some of the fastest growing portions of his practice in Kelowna were Women's Health (primarily uterus and bladder work) working with infants and children and also working with many high performance athletes including NHL players. He believes in helping you find the right therapy for your body, whether that means a different approach, a different RMT, or a different therapy altogether. Chris is passionate about what he does and his goal is to get you the help you need to make the fastest recovery possible and to become strong and stay healthy. However it wont be your typical massage therapy treatment. He does not use oils or lotions and may have you up and down off the table testing and re-testing things, trying to figure out the root of your issue. For this reason and your comfort, all clients remain partially and sometimes fully clothed during the treatments which he will explain further during your first treatment. So whether you are looking for a new set of eyes on an old issue or you would like to get a new issue resolved to get back on the field, Chris will be able to help.

Chris grew up on Vancouver Island, and has lived in and traveled through Europe and China. He has lived in the interior of BC for 15 years where he met and married his wonderful wife Katy, and has four amazing children. He and his family recently traveled across Canada on a 3 month family motorhome adventure and Chris is now happy to be living and sharing his expertise in Bedford, Nova Scotia.


IFT1 Fascial Mobility of the Cranium- 2011
IFT2 Visceral 1- 2011
IFT3 Myofascial mobilizations, Joint work and Membranes- 2011
IFT4 Cranium, TMJ and Cervical Spine- 2012
IFT5 Lumbopelvic and Sacrum regions- 2012
IFT6 Thoracic and its Contents- 2012
IFT7 Upper and Lower Extremities- 2013
IFT8 Visceral 2 and self-care- 2013
IFT9 Tie that binds (combining all IFT techniques)- 2013
2015 Visceral Fascial for the RMT- 2015
IFT1 Fascial Mobility of the Cranium- 2016
IFT2 Visceral 1- 2016
IFT3 Myofascial mobilizations, Joint work and Membranes- 2017
IFT4 Cranium, TMJ and Cervical Spine- 2017
IFT5 Lumbopelvic and Sacrum regions- 2017
IFT6 Thoracic and its Contents- 2018