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Laurie has been in active practice since 2000 and spent 14 years of her career as a massage therapy instructor at colleges in Toronto and Halifax. She has taught and developed curriculum mainly in anatomy, physiology, and pathology. Laurie teaches sciences to yoga teacher trainees, and to athletes and coaches in competitive swimming, co-wrote and developed a yoga manual and recorded a race visualization for competitive swimmers. She also regularly travels between Halifax and Toronto to teach assessment and movement courses that she has developed, based on her clinical and educational experience. She is the only Level 3 certified practitioner in Atlantic Canada using a technique called NeuroKinetic Therapy™(NKT), and currently runs study groups for other practitioners in the Maritimes. Using NKT, Laurie is able to identify movement dysfunctions, and reset motor control patterns using manual therapy and exercise. She is able to assess for dysfunctions related to vision, brain injury, ligament trauma, scars, postural strain, repetitive injury , nerve entrapments, and a variety of other conditions. Laurie is a yoga teacher and personal trainer, and uses those skills to create movement based home care for her clients. She uses her knowledge and experience to identify the source of dysfunction and create a treatment plan that is most effective for the individual.



  • Therapeutic Massage
  • NeuroKinetic Therapy
  • Personal Training
  • Remedial Exercise
  • RockTape


She has had personal and professional experience in powerlifting, long distance running, and obstacle course racing. She has also worked with many different populations including Olympic athletes, bodybuilders, competitive swimmers, post-surgical recovery patients, and post-concussion patients.


 Reflexology Diploma - 1998
 Massage Therapy Diploma, completion of CMTO exams (Ontario) - 2000
 Alexander Technique-based movement - 2006
 Yoga Teacher training - 2007
 Cupping Massage - 2008
 Adult Education Courses (Brock U) - 2009
 Personal Training Specialist(CanFit Pro) - 2011
 NeuroKinetic Therapy Level 1 - 2014
 NeuroKinetic Therapy Level 2 - 2014
 Primal Movement Patterns - 2015
 StrongFirst Kettlebell- 2015
 NeuroKinetic Therapy Level 3 - 2016
 Rock Tape - 2016
 Active Isolated Stretching- 2016
 Proprioceptive-Deep Tendon Reflex Foundations Series Level 1&2 in Progress- 2017

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