Leanne joined the Coastal Sports and Wellness team in October, 2014 as our full-time receptionist for the clinic. When we expanded in April 2015 and added a gym, she became our full time personal trainer and group class instructor. Leanne has been in the fitness industry for over five years and is growing and learning at a fast rate. She started out being an assistant with a Bootcamp in Dartmouth for many years. Since then, Leanne has competed in a fitness competition, which taught her even more about positive habits, motivation and having fun while doing something you love. At the clinic, it’s Leanne’s mission to help clients meet their fitness goals. She will show her clients proper technique and give them a plan to help enact a healthy lifestyle. Leanne is certified as a Personal Trainer and is learning new tools everyday to help her clients have more fun while they train.

In her spare time, Leanne enjoys spending time with family, training and having fun. She has taken many nutrition courses at Mount St. Vincent University and can always be found maximizing her body’s potential through her own nutrition and health.




  • CanFitPro - Personal Trainer Specialist 2014

  • * TRX suspension training level 1- 2015

  • * Hardstyle Kettlebell Foundations - 2015

  • * Active Isolated Stretching 2016

  • * Postural Control & Corrective Exercise 2016

  • * Posture & Kinetic Chains 2017

  • * Muay Thai Kickboxing 2017

  • * Active Aging 2018

  • * Children Fitness 2018