For those of you who are not familiar with Hand & Foot Reflexology, it is defined as: the study and practice of automatic body responses to finger pressure on specific areas of the hands or feet to help the body attain and maintain its ideal balance. This is achieved through stimulating "reflexes" that correspond to the body's physiological systems such as musculoskeletal, lymphatic, digestive, nervous  and so on.  Providing a very specific but relaxing foot massage targeting any tender points we find along the way!

This practice is non-invasive and therefore complimentary to any other treatment or therapy. Due to its gentle nature, three results always occur after a treatment: total body relaxation which also improves sleep, improvement of circulation and oxygen flow which encourages toxin release, improves immune function and controls inflammation and hormones and finally it helps the body achieve its ideal balance by treating the whole body not just one symptom.



Reflexology uses acupressure and massage to specific reflex points on the hands and feet. These reflex points correspond to meridian lines (used in Chinese medicine) that are associated with specific body parts, organs and tissues. By stimulating these points, the reflexologist endeavours to increase your body’s own natural healing processes to bring about balance and an improved sense of well being.

** Reflexology is not covered under extended medical plans and therefore can not be billed to insurance companies **

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