TRX stands for Total Resistance Exercise. The TRX Suspension Trainer first originated by a Navy Seal who needed a simple yet effective form of exercise that used limited space and equipment.

Whether you are an elite athlete or a beginner in the gym, the TRX can be an amazing tool for all levels of training. The TRX uses your body weight and gravity as resistance, so adjusting your level of difficult is as easy as moving your hands or feet. The possibilities are limitless.

Why add TRX into your workout routine?

TRX training not only helps you burn fat but also builds strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, core and joint stability. You can also improve your cardiovascular endurance by changing the speed you perform exercises while keeping a low impact on your joints, reducing your chance of injury.

Using the TRX will allow you to maximize on your workout time switching easily from one workout to the next while keeping your whole body engaged.

Woman exercising with suspension straps in fitness club or gym