Breg Bracing

Coastal Sports & Wellness is now offering bracing care and support with Breg.

Founded in 1989 as a sports medicine company specializing in bracing and cold therapy. This business focus addresses the issues impacting Breg’s orthopedic customers, helping to offset falling reimbursement, lower costs and enhance patient satisfaction. Breg works with customers to design customized, interconnected programs that fit each specific need, rather than trying to fit customers into preset products and services offerings. The company’s ultimate goal is to create remarkably easy solutions that give valuable time back to providers and patients alike to focus on what’s most important.

Book with one of our Physiotherapist to learn more about how bracing can help you!

Bauerfeind Bracing

Bauerfeind is a traditional family company with a history of more than 90 years. We find modern solutions in the field of aids to enable an active and symptom-free life – be it with a bandage or an orthosis, with medical compression stockings or orthopedic insoles. Our products are medically effective, high quality and at the same time very comfortable. We only produce in Germany, but we have branches worldwide.

The commitment, innovative strength and passion of the Bauerfeind family have always characterized the company. Our performance is based on a clear system of values: quality, consistency, reliability – and a sense of responsibility towards employees, customers and suppliers as well as society and the environment.

Whether ankle, knee, spine, hand, elbow or shoulder: when the joints hurt, Bauerfeind Train active supports help. They consist of a stretchable, breathable knitted fabric with elastic profile inserts. They provide support and massage the joint with every movement. This stimulates blood circulation and supports the healing process. They are easy to put on and do not constrict.

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