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NeuroKinetic Therapy® NKT

Techniques that addresses movement / co-ordination problems at their root, in the motor control centre of the brain.

What is NKT® ?

NeuroKinetic Therapy®, is a technique that addresses movement/co-ordination problems at their root, in the motor control centre of the brain. The motor control centre stores patterns of movement and directs their completion through the spinal cord, nerves and muscles. It is also able to create substitute movement patterns. When a muscle, joint or other body tissue is injured, the motor control centre will find a substitute to perform the function. Often, even once healing of the injured tissue has occurred, these substitute patterns remain and lead to dysfunction and pain.  This is a situation where NKT® can be used to re-program the motor control centre, and re-establish correct patterns of movement.

NeuroKinetic Therapy is an excellent modality for rehabilitation and preventative therapy because it not only identifies the causes of pain and dysfunction, but can also correct them quickly and quite painlessly.

What is NKT with Laurie Coastal's Neurokinetic Therapist

Coastal Neurokinetic Therapy

What happens during an NKT® session?

  • An NKT® treatment looks very much like a massage, however, you may or may not be required to disrobe. You may be assessed by being asked to perform tasks (like a squat, lunge, standing on one leg, etc) or asked to stand or walk to assess posture and gait. Then you will be positioned on a massage table and will be asked to resist a variety of movements to activate different muscle groups. When a dysfunctional pattern is found, the therapist will use massage techniques to release the overactive tissue, activate the inhibited muscle/muscles and then will retest the dysfunctional pattern to ensure that the relationship has been corrected. You will be given 1-3 corrective exercises to do at home that will often mimic what the therapist did during your session. These correctives will ensure that you re-enforce the conversion from faulty to proper movement patterns, and will be important in you seeing results quickly. Your initial NKT® session will take 60-90 minutes and subsequent visits may last any where from 30-60min depending on your needs and the complexity of the condition being treated.

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