What is Nutrigenomix?

NeuroKinetic Therapy®, is a technique that addresses movement/co-ordination problems at their root, in the motor control centre of the brain. The motor control centre stores patterns of movement and directs their completion through the spinal cord, nerves and muscles. It is also able to create substitute movement patterns. When a muscle, joint or other body tissue is injured, the motor control centre will find a substitute to perform the function. Often, even once healing of the injured tissue has occurred, these substitute patterns remain and lead to dysfunction and pain.  This is a situation where NKT® can be used to re-program the motor control centre, and re-establish correct patterns of movement.

NeuroKinetic Therapy is an excellent modality for rehabilitation and preventative therapy because it not only identifies the causes of pain and dysfunction, but can also correct them quickly and quite painlessly.


  • Nutrigenomix with printed booklet- $523.20
    Nutrigenomix with electronic booklet- $500.20

    • Test kit, shipping of sample and laboratory analysis
    • Individual nutrition report
    • 1 hour review consultation

    To learn more visit www.nutrigenomix.com and contact Melanie to speak with her about this today! Mikaela@coastalsportsandwellness.com

Official Nutrigenomix video

Official Nutrigenomix Sport

Official Nutrigenomix video

Official Nutrigenomix Sport

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