Personal Training

Personal Training

One on One training can help you most successfully attain your fitness goals with individualized approach

One-on-one Personal Training:

The title says it all.  You will have my full attention on you for the whole session.  Not only am I checking your form to keep you free from injury and to be sure you are stressing your muscles enough to get the gains you need, but also I’m there to push you for those last few reps, and to motivate you when you hit a plateau.  You will also receive a personalized nutrition plan to help keep you on track.  I won’t lie to you; this journey takes commitment, time and money.  You are going to have ups and downs, life will get in the way, but I will be there for you, helping you at every step of the way.

  • $70/session or Join for 2 session/week for 12 weeks and receive $10 off per session.

Partner Training:

Feel like your presence matters, not just another body in a fitness class.  Have the one-on-one attention while having others there to support or push you.  Receive the benefits of one-on-one personal training for fraction of the price. This class (like all my classes) has a progress report of your fitness level, your girth measurements and nutrition guidance (only available when joining for 12 weeks).

  • Small Group Studio Training 3-4 people $45/session or $450 for 12 weeks

55+ Women Small Group Studio Training:

Body slowing down, but you don’t want to stop doing the activities you love?  These classes are designed just for that; keep you moving and doing the activities you love. The class will give you the exercises you need to stay fit and limber, with respect to your well broken-in joints.  Psst, if you don’t tell your body you’re slowing down I won’t either.   Enjoy a small group with lots of attention from me (the trainer), the support of others and some nutrition to help you stay on track.

  • 3-4 people $45/session or $450 for 12 weeks

Outdoors Boot Camp – Ugh there I said it…boot camp, I hate those words. I meant to say Full Body Workout class; there that sounds more like it.

Stuck in your over air conditioned office all day, with little to no movement except sitting on your butt and moving your fingers and arm from time to time?  Come outside for some fresh air, and who know what kind of weather – it is Nova Scotia

  • 6 – 10 people $15/class or $144 for 12 weeks.

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Other Services

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    • Group Training

      Group Training

      One on One training can help you most successfully attain your fitness goals with individualized approach