What is Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex ®?

P-DTR addresses musculoskeletal problems by focusing on an improving the sensory information your brain receives from your skin, muscles, joints and other body tissues. Without accurate information from this system, the brain-muscle connection (motor system) cannot function optimally. Breakdowns in this communication can result in chronically weak or chronically tensed muscles showing up as pain and/or difficulty with movement.
By applying different sensations to the skin, muscles,
joints I can assess for dysfunction in these sensory pathways. Once identified, I correct the dysfunctional receptors to affect improvement in movement, and decrease pain. The technique does not require you to undress, and is mostly performed through clothing.
Once a correction has been done, no homework or exercises are required to "hold" the correction. That being said, I may suggest some exercises to prevent recurrence and get you moving better using your newly improved sensory system.

Performed by Laurie DiGiulio RMT


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