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What is a Running Gait Analysis?

Laura is a dedicated marathoner and Ironman triathlete, who is just as passionate about helping you achieve your goals as she is about her own. Laura has additional training and education on the prevention and treatment of running-related injuries, including gait analysis. Since running form is a big component of injury prevention, Laura can help you to identify potential weaknesses in your stride, and provide professional guidance on how to improve your running for injury or performance.

Who needs a Running Gait Analysis?

The short answer to this question is: anyone who wants to prevent recurring injuries, or get faster and more efficient in their stride. Research has shown that up to 80% of recreational runners become injured every year. Primarily, these injuries occur from overuse caused by constant repetition, which can become exaggerated by compensatory movement patterns as a result muscular weaknesses. A gait analysis can address these issues. Gait analysis can be particularly beneficial if you are a brand new runner, are recently returning to the sport after chronic injury, or are repeatedly suffering from the same injury, or repeated injuries -especially if they occur on only one side of your body.

What can I expect?

A running assessment typically takes about an hour. You should arrive with your running shoes, (multiple pairs if you use them) and be prepared to run on a treadmill for about five minutes. Laura will first ask about your running history, your goals, and current or past injuries. She will then perform an assessment of strength and range of motion, as well as some specific tests based on your history of injury. Afterwards, your running will be examined in slow motion to determine how your form may be positively or negatively affecting your running. You will review this information with the physiotherapist and she will provide recommendations for improving your running form. This will often include advice on training, strengthening, cadence, and footwear.

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