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Tai Chi classes for improving balance, decreasing pain and improving strength and flexibility. 

Why should you learn and practice Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is an ancient physical activity and evidence based exercises for improving balance, coordination, flexibility, strength and consequently, it is effective in preventing falls. It is also a body-mind exercises which promotes concentration and clarity of mind. Doctors now recommend Tai Chi to their patients as well! The Center for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC -USA) recommends the Tai Chi for Arthritis Program which is exactly the same as Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention.

Tai Chi Principles:

These principles include controlling movements to make them smooth and continuous, move as though there is a gentle resistance, correct posture and weight transference, being Song (loosening) and Jing (mental quietness or serenity). The controlled slow and smooth movements help to connect the mind and body and to have better focus. Song will enhance internal energy, improve flexibility and serenity. The right posture and awareness of weight transference improve balance and coordination. These principles work well whether you are using tai chi for health and wellness or for martial art." (From  What is Real Tai Chi? by Dr Paul Lam, Founder of the Tai Chi for Health Programs, Narwee, NSW, Australia). 


Tai Chi for Health Programs contains movements in Sun style for its efficacy and safety:

  • Improving posture
  • Improve Balance
  • Increase flexibility

Latest news

Effects of Tai Chi chuan on anxiety and sleep quality in young adults: lessons from a randomized controlled feasibility study:

A study was conduct to determine feasibility and estimate the effect of a 10-week tai chi chuan (TCC) intervention on anxiety and sleep quality in young adults. The study concluded that Tai Chi may be an effective nonpharmaceutical means of improving anxiety and poor sleep quality in young adults. Read more

Tai Chi for Treatment of Geriatric Depression

Study shows that Tai Chi may provide additional improvements of clinical outcomes in the pharmacologic treatment of geriatric depression. Read more


Tai Chi exercise for neck pain, hip flexibility and lateral weight transfer

Book for January 11th- 6:00pm and 7:15pm Classes
Filling Fast Only $5

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