Yoga Classes with Maria Payne

* In Person or Zoom


Saturday Yoga- 8:00am.

60-minute Music Morning Free Flow.

Start your weekend off by a morning vinyasa and meditation. Flowing out the tension from the week to allow a present mindset and fresh start to bring into your weekend.


Friday 4:00pm- Hatha

All levels with the focus on foundation and syncing the breath to movement. A great class for all ages, and body types and conditions are welcomed with open arms. Rather this be your first class or a seasonal yogi.

*It is recommended to bring yoga props.


If you have any questions or would like reach out to me ahead of time about any health concerns please contact me via email at


About the instructor: Maria Payne

Maria has been a Registered Massage Therapist for 4 years, and she feel very fortunate to continue loving her career and the path she has chosen for her occupation. Working throughout Covid has been one of most influential years of her career so far and has always been interested in taking her yoga teacher training, in which this past year has propelled her into becoming a yoga teacher.

Maria sees the value in her yoga practice, as it can help all walks of life connect more deeply with their mind & body. The benefits of yoga are endless! It changed her life, and now she is very excited to share her knowledge as teacher and therapist with the world. Maria found the practice of yoga 3 years ago as she was in search of a practice that I could challenge herself with. Her occupation as an RMT can be demanding on the body, and she needed something to balance her energy and physical body. After trying all sorts of gyms and playing in recreational leagues such as hockey, the challenging schedule as a massage therapist working evenings was limiting on what she could attend. She then found yoga! It challenged her in a way that sports did, at an even deeper sense of self exploration.

Yoga is Marias greatest escape. She was able to let go of her worries and work them through on the mat. She was able to explore herself mentally, physically and spiritually and for the first time in her life she was able to focus inward, learning the importance of breath and how impactful it is to live in place of presence!

Maria sees the value in how much yoga can help the population and her goal as a yoga teacher is to help guide the students in a safe environment that helps them on their self-discovery of their body and mind. Maria’s experience as a massage therapist has allowed her to take to yoga teaching from a therapist perspective, while honouring both eastern and western perspectives of Yoga. She is very excited to start this journey with you!

Please feel free to email with any questions or concerns if you are interested in learning more about the practice of yoga and how it can better your life. Maria is able to adapt the class to all needs, and conditions.

Yoga is for everyone!



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