Webster Technique For In-Utero Constraint (Breech Presentation)

Webster Technique For In-Utero Constraint (Breech Presentation)

A Chiropractic Technique

I’ve been seeing an influx of patients coming into my office lately with questions regarding the Webster Technique. Often times the Mother’s have heard of it from a friend, doula or other health care professional about it but are unsure how it works exactly. What is important to know is that this is a very safe, gentle and effective way to allow the baby to reposition themselves so that they are in the cephalic (head down) position in the uterus.

I was lucky to take the Webster Certification early on in my Chiropractic career and have seen Mother’s time and time again come into my clinic with a breech presentation. What has been interesting to note over the last 8 years is that I find a huge influx of these Moms in the Spring time as well as, in women who often have a more standing or active profession (teachers, nurses, hospitality workers and oddly enough most of my friends who are Chiropractors). Although to my knowledge there has not been any research studies done on this demographic, I think it stresses the importance of working to achieve both proper rest and alignment during pregnancy.

So how does the Webster Technique work?

Chiropractors are trained to assess both the sacrum and pelvis but this technique takes a little extra care and attention to both the mom-to-be and baby. Webster Certified Chiropractors use an adjustment that is a specific sacral and pelvic adjustment to help facilitate the mother’s pelvic alignment and nervous system function. Along with this gentle adjustment we also release any tension created by the round ligament of the uterus and any pelvic ligaments, along with muscle release. This in turn balances pelvic muscles and ligaments and reduces any torsion to the uterus allowing for the baby to get into an optimal fetal position. The July/August issue of the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics reported an 82% success rate for the Webster Technique.

What is also important to note is that in my practice, I use the Webster Technique along with other techniques that may be required to help women throughout their entire pregnancy as a lot of moms are coming in for what I refer to as a “Wellness Pregnancy” – this is one where they currently are not having any issues or pain but are coming to help promote easier and quicker deliveries and that is something all women can benefit from! In fact, our current research is revealing the benefits of receiving the Webster technique throughout pregnancy for the prevention of dystocia (difficult labour and birth).

If you are in the HRM and surrounding areas and have any questions on how Chiropractic can assist you during pregnancy, please feel to call Coastal Sports & Wellness at 902-404-8034 or email me at michelle@coastalsportsandwellness.com and I would be thrilled to answer any of your questions.

If you are not located in this area and are wondering if there is a Chiropractor in your region who is Webster Technique Certified, you can use this link to find one:


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Dr. Michelle MacDonald

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