Specializing in Women's Health and Wellness

This team specializes in particular areas of Women’s health and wellness.

Dr. Michelle MacDonald

Dr. Michelle MacDonald is the first Chiropractor in Atlantic Canada who competed the CACCP designation- International Chiropractic Pediatric Association in preconception, prenatal, postnatal and pediatric chiropractic care.

Services:  Chiropractic / Prenatal Postnatal Pediatric Chiropractic care/

Chris Donnelly

Chris’s practice focuses on Women’s Health (primarily uterus and bladder work) and working with infants and children.

Services:  Massage Therapy

Maria Payne

Maria is a deep tissue massage therapist, and can adjust to any pressure of treatment for her clients needs.

Services:  Massage Therapy

Mirella Veras

Mirella Veras is a registered physiotherapist with a postdoctoral in Rehabilitation Sciences from the University of Montreal.

Services:  Physiotherapy / Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy / Tai Pilaties /

Dr Abrar Negahban

Dr. Abrar Negahban is a Naturopathic Doctor, women’s health advocate and a mother. She is passionate about empowering and educating her patients about their bodies and their health.

Services:  Naturopathic Doctor

Kendra Brown

Kendra believes in an individual, comprehensive approach to her treatment plans. Which include hands on manual therapy techniques.

Services:  Physiotherapy / Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy