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Nelson Goyetche

PT | Physiotherapist

Nelson completed his Masters in Physiotherapy in 2013 at Dalhousie University. Prior to this, he completed a Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics from STFX University in 2010.

After graduating in 2013, Nelson spent 5 years working in orthopedics at a sports clinic in Red Deer, AB. He moved back home to Nova Scotia in 2018 to be closer to friends and family, and continue the career that he loves. He treats a variety of patient populations from sport-specific athletes, to infants and the elderly. Nelson believes in building a rapport with his patients and maintaining a positive attitude in their recovery process. Every injury is not just a physical injury.

His treatment approach begins with a thorough assessment, and proceeds with hands-on manual therapy in combination with injury-specific exercise prescription. Nelson is trained in other types of therapeutic interventions such as functional dry needling, anatomical acupuncture, concussion rehabilitation, and shockwave therapy.

Nelson has been an active person all of his life. His sport background includes hockey, baseball, soccer, tennis, and volleyball. He plays hockey in the winter, baseball with the Hammonds Plains A’s (MIBL) in the summer, and implements gym workouts year-round. He consistently promotes maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle to reduce the risk of injury, and improve overall physical and mental health.


Functional Dry Needling- Level 2

CCMI recertification

Kinetacore Functional Dry Needling Level 1 (2018) Orthopedic Level 1
Orthopedic Level 2: Lower Quadrant

Mulligan Concept: Lower Extremity

AA2: Clinical Applications in Anatomical Acupuncture
Assessment and Treatment of Minor Traumatic Brain Injuries

APTEI: Elbow, Wrist, Hand, Foot & Ankle
Osteopathic Muscle Energy Techniques of the Cervical and Thoracic Spine
Concussion 101: Education, Prevention, Early Recognition and Management for sport

AA1: Clinical Applications in Anatomical Acupuncture

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