Chiropractic and Treatment of TMD

How a Chiropractor can help you with TMD

Temporomandibular disorders (nick named TMD) are very common and are positively managed by chiropractic care. The problem may be with the jaw, the jaw joint and the related muscles around the jaw.

As a chiropractor, one aspect of our extensive, specialized training is studying the neuromusculoskeletal system inclusive of TMD disorders.

Several Common Causes of TMD

  • Trauma to the jaw (eg. child falling on chin)
  • Injury to head or neck (eg. heavy blow or whiplash)
  • Stress (eg. grinding and clenching of teeth during day or night)
  • Posture (eg. prolonged forward head posture)

Common ways that  TMD likely presents are:

  • Difficulty opening mouth wide.
  • Jaw gets stuck or locks.
  • clicking, popping, grating and pain with movement of the jaw.
  • Pain or tenderness in the face, jaw TMJ area, neck and shoulders (especially with jaw movement)
  • Associated symptoms that can be noticed are tooth pain, headaches,dizziness, earaches, hearing problems and ringing in ears.

A chiropractor can asses the TMJ and neck area and adjust to correct the alignment of the TMJ and cervical spine. Soft tissue therapy can be given internally and externally to the TMJ area and related structures.

Great success can be found with turning to Chiropractic for the positive management and treatment of TMD that is gentle, non-invasive, drug-free and effective.