Though it has existed for over a thousand years, cupping therapy has recently experienced an influx in popularity in North America as an alternative medical practice.

WHAT IS CUPPING? Cupping is a method of Traditional Chinese Medicine used to separate congestion, increasing blood flow and improving overall health to the body. These cupping techniques pull the tissue into the cup helping un-congest and un-restrict the affected area. Many benefits come from cupping massage modalities including deep tissue therapy, myofascial releasing, increasing range of motion, sprains and strains, fibromyalgia, drainage of excess fluids and edema as well as tight and painful muscles. Cupping is a great way to alleviate any ailments you may be suffering from.

WHO CAN CUPPING HELP? Cupping is a great alternative medical practice for those suffering from sprains, strains or pains, fibromyalgia, tight muscles, Cupping can also help relieve anxiety, back pain, stiffness, fatigue, edema, and migraines. This practice can also help anyone who’s looking to better their health.

WHAT IS THE OBJECTIVE OF CUPPING? The goal of cupping is to increase blood flow, separate congestion, and improve your body’s overall health. Cupping helps remove pathogenic factors by increasing blood flow in restricted areas of the body. Cupping can aid in the removal of toxins and blockages. Though cupping therapy may focus on a problem area, the goal is to ameliorate your health as a whole.

Many clients express cupping as one of the many ways to decrease scar tissue and adhesions that will not decrease with deep tissue work, foam rolling and hydrotherapy.

Cupping is a safe, alternative practice to help your body achieve its maximum potential!

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